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The main goal of the 1st Danube International Theatre Festival is to show the audience the identities of different nations' theatres. We would like to showcase that art brings people together by inviting those Danubian cities, which have the most fascinating cultural life, so that they can represent their nationalities in our festival in Győr.
The festival is part of the 10th Theatre Olympics.



The woman's body as the battlefield of the bosnian war.

Tomcsa Sándor Theatre

Június 6., 19:00 | Kisfaludy stage  TICKETS  

Life, no matter what happens, will remain unstoppable. We strive to find the exit, but the doors are closed, we are stuck. Dorra, a girl from Bosnia, went through an annihilating experience; Kate, the American, faces the same problem: one through her skin, a pain that pierced through it and slowly started growing inside, the other through her soul shattering into pieces. Both of them are looking for the exit. In the deepest darkness, can we find the brightest gift, if we learn to accept it, cherish it and love it. EXIT: from life to life.

Gatte, gegrillt - Husband, grilled

Stadttheater Ingolstadt

Június 7., 18.00 | Kisfaludy stage TICKETS  

Hot happiness can be found in other people's beds. - The midlife crisis is a cause for great concern. Kenneth, the self-confessed Elvis fan and former king of hearts, is getting on in years. The crisis is taking its toll on him. To change this, after twenty years of marriage to Hilary, he starts an affair with the much younger and more attractive Laura. At first glance, Laura embodies everything Kenneth lacks in his life with Hilary. Laura is sexy, adventurous and she adores Kenneth. There's just one problem: Laura can't cook. Hence, all the complications start.


Slovakian National Dance Company

június 7., 20.00 | Main stage TICKETS 

Dance theatre of two forms of life and death struggle. The first is folklore, with images of the end of winter and the arrival of spring. The second is represented by stories about the betrayal, persecution, capture, martyrdom and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is not a transcription of tradition, nor a confrontation with the Easter liturgy. Instead, goal of this unique performance is to interpret the story of Man and the Earth with contemporary artistic means.


National Theatre of Győr

Június 8., 19:00 | Main stage  TICKETS 

A play about love, in the style of the acclaimed 20th century szekler writer, Áron Tamási, which tells the story of young lovers being oppressed by the burnt-out, envious older generation. Magdó, a brave young girl and Móka, a free spirited boy fall in love, which is deemed unacceptable by Magdó’s older sisters Eszter and Regina and their spouses Lukács and Máté. Their sincere love sheds light to the shallowness of the others’. The “All’s well that ends well”, comes after all, however not in the usual way.

Invisible kids

Theatre of Újvidék

Június 8., 19.00 | Main stage TICKETS 

Two boys arrive in a Voivodina town. They are in getaway, running through fields and roads. Their lives are hard, their feet are bloody, and there are terrible things hiding inside their hurting muscles.
On a playground there are three girls dancing. When boys meet girls, a misunderstanding is born. Then they are getting closer. Maybe even close to an attraction. But all of them are moved by inner monsters. As we slowly recognize the past of these two boys, and as we’re getting to know the world of the parents, we gain the knowledge of what kind of invisibility these kids are fighting against.


Maria Filotti Theatre

Június 9., 19.00 | Kisfaludy stage  TICKETS 

"SHIPWRECKED! is the result of a collective effort to bring to the spotlight Donald Margulies' text, staged for the first time in Romania. Together with actors Ciprian Chiricheș, Blanca Doba, Nicholas Cațianis, Corina Borș, together with scenographer Maria Nicola and light designer Lucian Moga, professionally supported by the theater's technical staff, we tried to offer the public the chance to fall in love with a clean theatre, able to tell coherent, intelligible stories that move the widest possible spectrum of spectators, regardless of age or level of education. I like to think that I made a show that addresses the many without sacrificing in any way the altitudinal element that speaks to the few". Andrei Huțuleac, director.

Balkan Syndrome

Drama Theatre "Sava Ognyanov"

Június 10., 19.00 | Main stage TICKETS 

The play “Balkan Syndrome” was written in 1987. In the Soviet Union “Perestroika” is happening in an attempt to save the system. In Bulgaria, the elite is quietly waiting for it to pass. On the stage, as the curtain rises, another domestic story begins, until suddenly a man emerges from the audience, then a second, a third, another... All efforts of the actors on stage to continue the play are doomed. The people, anonymous until recently, don't want to stay silent any longer. They can no longer be mute about the injustices in their lives. The "audience" wants to watch its problems and dramas.


Jókai Theatre of Komárom

Június 11., 15.00 | Main stage TICKETS 

Franci the outskirts waiter dreams of becoming a dancer,but his starting career quickly slips up when his mates get him into a robbery,where he's caught and ends up in a prison. He was released after a year and comes back to his old apartment where Anna already lives.Because Anna was kicked out of her old job,she became a prostitute to maintain herself.The two young outskirts fall in love with each other,but one time Franci accidentally kills one of Anna's clients.They can succesfully approve the murder to be an accident,but Franci's moral sense doesn't let him move on,so he has to talk again and again and face the sin that he had caused. The Outskirt is the tenth directive of Martin Huba, an actor, a director, the pozsonyu Színházművészeti Főiskola’s former professor.

 The festival is part of the 10th Theatre Olympics.

In partnership with Slovakian Institution.


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